401k Plan Services


To: Company Employer

You decided to offer a company 401k plan because you wanted to help your employees save effectively for retirement.  As someone involved in managing a 401k, you’re investing a great deal of time and money in the setup and administration. It’s got your name on it, you made a commitment, and you want it to be a successful benefit for your employees.

At MFA, we bring thoughtful investing and a disciplined, low-fee approach to our high net worth clientele as well as to a few select company 401k plans.  We have expanded our 401k plan offering to help more companies provide these same services to their employees.  We make it easy to evaluate your current plan. We help you determine if a change is needed to improve both participation and performance.  We also make it easy to understand, comply with and navigate new regulations passed by the Department of Labor.

By running a quick specialized diagnostic, we can help you evaluate underlying costs and determine if your plan is meeting all the  requirements of the new regulations. All that is needed to assess your plan is some information from your current plan’s fee disclosure document.

Our process is confidential, straightforward and requires little effort on your part. Wouldn’t you like to know?

Just call us to begin your complimentary and no commitment evaluation.