About Us

We are a team of seasoned financial professionals whose core belief, born of years of observation, is that individual investor behavior matters more than individual investment performance in making our clients successful.  We educate our clients to recognize and lead them in navigating between the opposing emotions of fear and greed that can be detrimental to successful investing results.

Our investment philosophy is based on evidence, not speculation. Our thinking is influenced by the best academic research and real world results.  We do not make bets with money based on predictions about the future. We are not a source for hot stock tips, exotic leveraged hedge funds, or magical foresight on market timing.

We enjoy helping our clients plan and make informed, well-advised decisions about their finances. Our actions, guidance and services are proudly based on a fiduciary standard, putting our clients’ best interest first and foremost in our practice.

We know that risk and return are related.  We can find the right combination of these for you.

With your finances appropriately managed and working well for you in the background, you are free to live your life.