On Her Own

Shortly after her divorce our client faced, what was for her, the daunting and stressful task of managing her own finances.  She had previously relied on her husband to manage the family investments and she emerged from the experience determined to feel more empowered.

Our process evaluated her true spending and cash flow, adjusted for taxes and inflation, and the resultant income needed to pursue her desired lifestyle.  Our Risk Tolerance Questionnaire started a discussion that got her thinking in ways she never had.  Rather than being afraid of investment risk, she began to understand it as the price of higher expected returns. Using our planning tools, we were able to answer her favorite question of “How am I doing?” in order to leave her continuously feeling informed and in control of her financial future.

Her estate plan needed major revisions, but a few clear displays put forth in a conversational format helped her to identify what was most important to her.  With that basis she was also able to work with an estate attorney to craft a plan that truly represented her wishes.  Layer by layer the fear that comes from uncertainty melted away.

As a client of Marin Financial Advisors for over ten years, the topic of money and finances no longer triggers anxiety. She has assured her independence and planned a legacy for her children and grandchildren. She is now one of our best supporters and enthusiastically recommends us to her friends.