The Financial ‘Do-It-Yourselfer’

With an MBA degree from a top ranked business school and 25 years of Wall Street experience, you would not expect this professional to seek financial advice. However, as an ‘informed delegator’, has become quite a happy MFA client. Understanding an approach to managing investments with institutional class funds was the easy part of the equation. Realizing he was not successful on his own execution of a strategy with discipline to avoid the pitfalls of emotional investing required a fair amount of humility and self awareness. Also, he often questioned whether he was putting his own investments in the priority they should be given the high demands of his career. Engaging a professional wealth manager was the right choice for this finance expert.

Collecting and updating his family’s total net worth and asset mix on a spreadsheet had become a tiresome chore for this do-it-yourselfer. We were able to show him his complete aggregated financial dashboard, updated daily, with tracking of performance against relevant benchmarks. Having 24 hour access to his customized MFA web portal and receiving our quarterly investment reports helped this finance veteran feel in control and relaxed about his family’s investments so he could spend his free time more engaged with his family or on his other interest – golf!