The Professional Couple

A couple in their late 50s came to us looking for a more personalized relationship with a financial advisor who could offer appropriate guidance and advice as well as sensible investing. They came from a disappointing experience with a large brokerage firm where the focus was selling in-house products that were not evidently appropriate for them.

He an executive at a Fortune 500 company and she a marketing director, they felt the need to “get serious about retirement” as they wanted it to happen within the next several years. We helped them consolidate their scattered accounts and drew up a detailed financial plan and balance sheet showing them all of their assets and debts in one place for the first time. In addition to managing some accounts directly, we were able to use our software to ‘link’ to his their current employer 401(k) retirement plans to monitor, allocate, and report alongside the rest of their investments.

The corporate executive had lost track of his various restricted stock and stock option grants. We organized the grants in a graphic report and provide ongoing analysis and advice on when to exercise vested options and sell restricted shares in a tax efficient manner.

The couple now feels organized, informed and established on a track to retire as hoped.

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