Investment Management

All of our clients receive the services listed below.  

You can read about a client newly on her own, the academic, and the inheritor who utilize these Core Investment Management services.


  • Determine client goals and objectives in line with risk capacity and risk tolerance
  • Deliver investment policy statement- overview of investment goals and the strategy we will employ to meet these objectives
  • Review, consolidate and transfer accounts as appropriate


  • Daily portfolio monitoring- reviewing the investment allocation of the portfolio in line with determined risk/return model
  • Account rebalancing- trading in accounts to ensure the investment allocation is reflective of the client risk tolerance and investment policy statement
  • Tax Efficient Investing – monitoring accounts for tax harvesting and other beneficial investment tax stratagies available
  • Low cost institutional funds- provide access to low cost insitutional class funds including Dimensional Fund Advisers (DFA)
  • Account aggregation – download and report the account values and performance of non-Schwab accounts such as retirement accounts
  • Personal Client Service – dedicated, intelligent and professional service team to receive your calls and respond in a timely manner
  • Personal MFA Portal- Client has 24 hour access to a personalized online website portal to review daily performance reports.


  • Quarterly Newsletter- Overview of financial markets and planning opportunities
  • Quarterly Portfolio Review- Personalized client portfolio report with performance and investment allocations

As needed:

  • Everyone needs a little help along the way. We are always available to take your calls with any questions or concerns


  • Review meeting

Every Three Years:

  • Review and evaluate progress toward your important financial objectives and confirm present risk capacity
  • Deliver updated Investment Policy Statement

 Minimum account size of $500,000.